Intern Services

20-50% OFF Regular Massage Prices

Enjoy your favorite types of massage by student interns for less!

Student/Intern Massages

Choose from Swedish Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger-Point Massage, Therapeutic Massage, or Maternity Massage. 

15 minutes       $10 INTERN

30 minutes       $28 INTERN

45 minutes       $35 INTERN

60 minutes       $45 INTERN

90 minutes       $70 INTERN

120 minutes     $90 INTERN

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

One massage stroke with a warmed stone is equal to five massage strokes with the hands. Allow your muscles to melt away tension with this amazingly relaxing experience. The neck, arms, feet, legs, hips, and back are massaged with hot stones to reduce muscle fatigue and induce a very sedative experience. As an added bonus we will apply cooled facial stones soaked in Eucalyptus essential oils to clear the bronchial tubes and allow you to reduce sinus pressure.

90 Minutes       $95 INTERN

Two Hours        $135 INTERN


This specialized type of foot massage focuses on specific pressure applied to certain points on the feet to allow the entire body to relax. Lay back and relax in our reclining lounger chair, enjoy some hot tea, and love how amazing your body will feel after resting those tired feet that you never get off of. 

Thirty Minutes $50 INTERN


Lymphatic Massage

This type of massage is more clinical in nature. The body's lymphatic system is the filter for all of the waste products and mutant cells that leave the bloodstream. The pressure of this massage is very superficial (light) and directed toward the lymph nodes to drain the excess fluid from your body. It is most beneficial if you are feeling tired or have minor illnesses frequently such as allergies. Enjoy your renewed energy and better health benefits from this specialized massage as a series of treatments recommended to be done every 3-6 months. Please view our Lymphatic Drainage web page for more details. 

Thirty Minutes $45 INTERN



Spa Packages

**All of these packages require that you bring a two-piece bathing suit to your visit for ideal treatments.


Paradise Package           

One Hour Swedish Massage, One Mask Facial Massage and Seaweed Body Wrap Treatment with Aromatherapy Add-on.

Duration: 2 hours for $140 (INTERN)


Tranquility Package

Paradise Package with Spa Therapeutic Hand & Foot Treatments and Thermotherapy.

Duration: 3 hours for  $215 (INTERN)


Cloud 9 Package

Tranquility Package with Paraffin wax of the Hands & Feet, Salt Glow, Heated Towel Add-on to the feet and Back, and Ear Candling Treatment.

Duration: 4 hours for $300 (INTERN)



Ultimate Escape

Cloud 9 Package with an extended and more luxurious Ninety-Minute Hot Stone Massage.

Duration 4.5 hours for  $350 (INTERN)



Facial Spa Treatments

by Interns without Extractions or Steam