Corporate Wellness Program


Be the company that gives back to its employees with Serenity Massage's Corporate Wellness Program.


Serenity Massage PLLC is now offering Corporate Wellness Programs in addition to our vast array of services. We are starting this new program with the idea in mind that employees who are rewarded are more motivated to reach their goals. In addition, giving them the gift of relaxation is a gift that will help ease the stresses of their everyday life, both professionally and personally.

“Engaging and recognizing your employees with a rewarding wellness program such as ours is a great way to encourage a positive attitude in the workplace and a better mental and physical state, says Jena Massie, Owner/Director.” These gifts of relaxation for your staff can be used for an office party or with gift certificates awarded to employees for reaching monthly sales quotas or replacing awards for the employee of the month. 

Implementing a wellness program in your workplace can not only alleviate anxiety and boost morale, but it can also allow your company to have a tax write off. Tax benefits can be accumulated with certain insurance policies by including wellness programs in the company that include exercise, massage, and nutrition counseling.

Be the company that gives back to its employees by providing them with Serenity Massage PLLC corporate company chair massages.

What do we provide?

Massage Chairs

Licensed Massage Therapists

Sanitation Supplies

Tranquil Music


How is this going to benefit your business?

Improvement in the quality of work by reducing the high levels of stress and anxiety 
Fewer sick days with improved health
Rewards for closing deals and meeting goals inspire achievement and repeated successes
Showing your employees how much they are appreciated can boost work morale and personal confidence!

Show your employees appreciation for their hard work by providing a day of relaxation.
Rates begin at $85 per hour per therapist.
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