Student/Intern Massages

Choose from Swedish Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger-Point Massage, Therapeutic Massage, or Maternity Massage. 

15 minutes       $10 INTERN

30 minutes       $28 INTERN

45 minutes       $35 INTERN

60 minutes       $45 INTERN

90 minutes       $70 INTERN

120 minutes     $90 INTERN

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

This type of massage is aimed toward decreasing tension within the deeper muscle tissues to rid the body of taut (tight) muscle bands that limit your range of motion. It is most beneficial for relief of muscle pain because during a Deep-Tissue Massage your brain will release a neurotransmitter called Dopamine which is your body's own natural feel good hormone. 

Thirty Minutes           $50

Forty-Five Minutes   $65

One Hour                 $75

Ninety Minutes          $109

Two Hours                $140


This unique type of massage entails several different types of stretches that are similar to yoga stretches except that the therapist does the stretching while you relax. It is most beneficial for elongation of the muscle fibers to improve the elasticity of the tissues.

One Hour          $70

Ninety Minutes   $100

Two Hours         $140